Sunday, April 15, 2012

Videodrome (1983)


Synopsis: Max Renn runs a TV channel, and when looking for new material to show--he discovers "Videodrome." His girlfriend, Nicki Brand, goes to audition for the show, and Max gets drawn into the underlying plot that uses the show as its front for a global conspiracy.


Anonymous said...

you upload yesterday and today the link is broken :S what a

mediafire-strain said...

u may recheck, coz all file still there dude...

Anonymous said...

All the files cannot be extracted. may be there is a problem in the last file linkage. after downloading all the files, while i try to extract the file, it says next part is required to continue the extract whereas theere isn't any part left to extract. thanks a lot for sharing this great movie buddy but i want you to look at the problem so that this file can be extracted and people like me can enjoy this movie. thanks once again for your effort and for sharing this great movie. i will check the links once again after two or three days.. hope u will fix the problem by that time.

mediafire-strain said...

dude, actually there was missing part 6 there, unfortunately, link for mediafire already useless... but i do have part 6 in other file host, here:

as u already download all parts, then just download part 6 from link given, only 20MB something. i will replaced the link set given before for the sake of other downloaders, sorry for the inconvenience...

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