Sunday, April 15, 2012

Les Aventures de Philibert, Capitaine Puceau (2011)


Synopsis: Kingdom of France, 1550, in Bretagne.Philibert, robust fellow of twenty years, eldest son of a farmer of artichokes, is different from other boys of the village. Idealistic, naive, he predicted a glorious future in the artichoke and preserve her virginity for the woman he is not yet known but that God intended. Before passing away, his father tells him that it is not his real father. It was a gentleman, Fulgence Saint-Berendourt Avoise, assassinated by a Burgundian wine stain with a rose-shaped neck. His wallet full of ideals and artichokes, Philibert leaves his village and galloped towards Burgundy, accompanied by his servant Martin a little disingenuous. The courage of Philibert, charity, purity physical and moral well be put to the test against the meanness and venality of the villains and the temptation of women more libidinous each other…


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