Sunday, April 22, 2012

U Mugs (2012)


Synopsis: A low budget filmmaker is shooting a documentary about his early comic mishaps in film, making and pointing out some of the pitfalls of British film-making. When he is asked to film a rave being held in a well known haunted Suffolk wood, things take a far more serious turn for all involved. The film maker who shows the viewers behind the scenes to movie stunts and leads the viewers down a path of a like-able comic film maker doing crazy stunts. When the film maker then is asked to film a rave which turns the film upside down. When the film maker is tricked deep into Suffolk woodland with horrific results. When the film maker is recording a interview for a documentary in a open frank and honest way about the pitfalls and red-tape that surround British film making with some tongue in cheek dark humor. When the film maker is asked to film a Rave which is being held on the edge of a well known haunted piece of woodland just off the Suffolk coastline. The last party held there ended with a unexplained death no one has been back for over two years until tonight. The film takes a dramatic turn and goes into full blow horror mode as party goers find themselfs in a horrific night of terror trapped in the middle of a seemingly never ending forest.This is all caught on camera the film makes Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity look like Ghostbusters Soundtrack by Kit Rumble. Jackass meets Blair Witch Project.


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